Urgent Preliminary Report of Yellow Card Data

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The Yellow Card System is an early warning system where doctors and individuals can report side effects that they suspect correspond with a medicine they have received. It is a vital way of monitoring the safety of medicines and can also identify any issues that have not yet been detected.
The Yellow Card Report was sent from Ebmcsquared to Dr. June Raine, the Chief Executive of the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), on 9th June 2021, highlighting the high number of vaccine adverse event reports on the system between 4th January 2021 and 26th May 2021. A reply was received from Dr. Raine on 22nd July 2021. In the letter, she expresses the opinion that “some events may have happened coincidentally, regardless of vaccination”. We have posted this reply below for public interest.
With the announcement of the need for booster shots, it would appear that the vaccines are not as effective as once hoped. This reinforces the need to make available safe, effective early treatments, for which much guidance has been provided from experts – www.bird-group.org.
Ebmcsquared has now sent an updated Yellow Card Report to Dr. Raine on 9th August 2021, which evaluates the Yellow Card data up until end of June 2021.

This work has been supported by money raised by the public and assistance from the ukfreedomproject.org.

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