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We are 100% funded by people from around world​

We receive no grants or corporate funding, so everything we do is powered by the generous contributions of individuals who share our vision of a better world for everyone. 

 Without this grassroots support, we simply wouldn’t be here! Every donation goes directly toward keeping our projects and campaigns alive. 

Philanthropy | fɪˈlanθrəpi | noun [mass noun]​
The effort or inclination to increase the wellbeing of humankind
The practise of benevolent and charitable acts
The love of humankind in general​

Here are just a few examples of how your contributions help to forge a better way, via each of our initiatives. Click on each activity for more details. 

We convened the first Ivermectin for Covid Conference on Zoom in April 2021, where 11 medical experts from around the world shared invaluable knowledge on the prevention and treatment of Covid with Ivermectin. The conference talks are publicly available online. 

Our research team produced a systematic review and meta-analysis proving that infections and deaths are dramatically reduced when ivermectin is administered. Published in the American Journal of Therapeutics, it remains in the top ten of over 22.5 million tracked articles of a similar age in all journals.

We’ve shared and distributed our evidence to governments and health agencies, challenged misinformation in the press as well as from governments and academia, and responded to countless requests for information from the public. 

We’ve supported requests for affidavits and evidence towards Ivermectin-related court cases in many countries worldwide, and continue to do so.

In the UK, we continue our efforts to get the Medicines Healthcare Product Regulatory Agency to approve Ivermectin. It is an evolving process in the context of Ivermectin’s expanding role in Long Covid and, more recently, helping those experiencing side effects from the Covid-19 vaccine-induced “spikopathy”.

  • Our amazing volunteers have tirelessly written to local MPs and doctors to raise awareness of Ivermectin, and translated our materials into multiple languages so that this vital information is readily accessible worldwide. 

Our at-home Early Treatment Guides for Covid-19 and Spike Protein Detox protocols from doctors and health experts, to help treat and prevent illness  – have been downloaded more than 1 million times! We are now translating all our flyers, guides and online resources into as many languages as possible. 

Our Monday General Assembly meetings bring together the world’s leading health experts, partners and advocates and are open for all to attend.

The first Better Way Conference brought world-leading experts, scientists and activists to Bath, UK, to brainstorm practical solutions to health and environmental challenges. With Dr. Robert Malone, Kim Witczak, Dr. Jessica Rose, Bret Weinstein, Prof Geert Vanden Bossche, Robert F Kennedy, Dr Alexandra Henrion Caude and hosted by Del Bigtree, it was a critical start-point to create a ‘Better Way’ for Health.

Our successful #StopTheWHO campaign has so far activated a worldwide video response to the WHO’s attempted power grab and raised awareness among politicians and citizens alike. 

We regularly collaborate with our 170+ partners on conferences and other events in countries across the globe. 

Our Covid-19 Pharmacovigilance Report reviewing the data on well-established, existing pharmacovigilance databases to establish a safety signal regarding Covid-19 vaccines, which clearly demonstrated that there is sufficient evidence of adverse events relating to Covid-19 vaccines to indicate that a product recall is immediately necessary.

These were created by our Mind Health Committee to combat mental health issues and be a space for people to come together and heal amongst a likeminded support group.

In this annual online event, experts from all over the world inform and educate the public about Ivermectin – resulting 300 million web impressions, half a million minutes of video watched, and 10,000 mentions on social media… and counting. 

The event encourages supporters to create their own events and offers flyers and campaign materials to download and share widely. 

While the event lasts a day, the website is permanent, and showcases real stories about how ivermectin has helped people, around the world. 

Source is a new project designed to empower people to connect with their local networks and build resilience. Still in beta, already people are turning to this online platform to connect, learn and contribute. We’re excited to watch this resource grow in the coming year! 

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