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Ivermectin Approval Club

Putting the heart back into philanthropy

Update Oct 2021: We’ve changed the name from Ivermectin Buyers Club to emphasise the need to gain approval first. Our aims remain the same.

Ivermectin Approval Club is a UK health and wellbeing project

We want to help people with Covid or Covid Jab Syndrome access timely, safe and effective care

The Ivermectin Approval Club is supported by community philanthropy


Update October 2021

Thanks to your generous support, over the past 6 weeks we have been piloting a tele-consultation Covid Care Clinic run by a small team of dedicated doctors who have already helped a number of people with acute Covid-19, Long-Covid and also illness after vaccination (post Covid-Vaccine Syndrome). 

The clinic is free at the point of contact and consultations are held via video link. With your help, we plan to expand the medical team to meet the increasing need over the next few months.
Regarding ivermectin approval in the U.K., our Regulatory Consultants have requested an appointment with the U.K. Medicines Health Product Regulatory Agency to discuss the requirements for rapid authorisation and are waiting to hear back from them. 

We will keep you posted. 

Thank you!

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We urgently need your support to get effective treatment to those who need it most

This project is in the initial fundraising stage, we do not sell Ivermectin. 
If you are still feeling unwell after seeking help from your General Practitioner, you may contact our free Covid Care Clinic via the contact form.

The initial funds will:

  • Establish a free Covid Care Clinic to help people with Covid-19 and Covid Jab Syndrome
  • Employ Expert Regulatory consultants to prepare:
    • Clinical data
    • Safety data
    • Chemistry, Manufacturing & Controls (CMC) data required to gain Regulatory Approval
  • Purchase the first consignment of Ivermectin from a reputable EU source
  • Employ regulatory compliant wholesalers to import and ship into the distribution network, according to Rules and Guidance for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Distributors
  • Contract regulatory compliant UK-based Third-Party Logistics whose role will be to transport supplies direct to where they are needed

We require £150,000 to establish the above, with ongoing support needed to continue our work.

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What is Ivermectin?

Ivermectin is a safe drug that can help prevent and treat Covid-19.

The story of ivermectin goes back 40 years as an incredibly effective anti-parasite drug with a robust safety record. So remarkable in ridding populations of various diseases, that its developers won the Nobel Prize for their work.

Ivermectin is a WHO “Essential Medicine”. These are the “safe and effective” medicines “that every healthcare system should have” – but the NHS does not unfortunately. Ivermectin has been used worldwide in well over 3.8 billion doses.

Over the last year teams of scientists globally have been scrutinising existing licensed drugs to find ones that could help beat the pandemic.

To their delight, the long-established ivermectin has shown very strong antiviral properties in fighting Covid-19. Similar promising results are shown via more studies that are taking place throughout the globe.

The clear evidence from the E-BMC review team showed that people with Covid-19 who were treated with Ivermectin were approximately 70% less likely to die than people who didn’t receive Ivermectin. In practical terms this means that, in a hospital where nine people out of a 100 die from covid, Ivermectin could reduce this number to three per 100. The review also shows that symptoms of the virus were less likely to worsen if a person received Ivermectin.

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The UK does not have a guaranteed supply of Ivermectin which is proven to save lives and reduces transmission of covid-19.
As we looks towards the winter months with government warnings of new variants, it would be ideal if everyone who needs Ivermectin, has access to this safe and effective medicine.

With no conflict of interest, Ivermectin Approval Club wants to ensure that people with covid can access timely, safe and effective treatment and advice. 

Who needs Ivermectin?

The UK government has indicated that people who have had covid-19 inoculations are just as likely to be hospitalised with covid-19 than those who have not had them. Thus, everyone in the UK will be needing access to Ivermectin in the upcoming months not just those who opted not to have the injections, to improve recovery from covid-19 and to reduce the chances of being infected.


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