Expert scientists welcome the news of UK Government-funded research into ivermectin for Covid-19 but questions its merit.

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A just-published, peer-reviewed study already clearly shows that ivermectin prevents and treats Covid-19 and has the potential to save and improve countless lives in the UK and worldwide right now.

Peer-reviewed study shows ivermectin treats and prevents covid-19
Ivermectin is cheap, easy to administer and very safe

The strength of evidence for ivermectin has this week been supercharged by publication of a gold standard review of 24 randomised trials conducted in 15 countries among more than 3400 people worldwide proving infections fall and deaths are dramatically reduced when ivermectin is administered. Published in the American Journal of Therapeutics the most rigorous statistical standards were applied by world-leading researchers biostatistician Mr Andrew Bryant and medical doctor and researcher Dr. Tess Lawrie.

Regarding the news of the UK trial Dr. Lawrie is exasperated: “Contrary to the mainstream media reports, the evidence is that Ivermectin is clearly proven to work against covid.  In fact, there is more evidence on ivermectin than on any other treatment option for covid, and far more safety data than any of the novel therapies.”

“More placebo-controlled clinical trials of ivermectin are unethical and are definitely not needed. We know Ivermectin saves lives. The investigators of the PRINCIPLE trial also know this, as we informed them months ago.  We remain open to assisting them in understanding the available evidence.”

”We trust that the MHRA will facilitate rapid approval of this low cost, effective and safe generic medicine, and that ivermectin will be made widely available, so that covid is beaten, the economy can recover, and the faith of the British public is restored.”

We should follow the science. The evidence is clear; ivermectin works

Dr Tess Lawrie

Ivermectin is a Nobel prize-winning medication, originally developed in the 1980s to treat parasitic infections. With its impeccable safety record, over 40 years and 4 billion doses, it has been so successful that it is listed by the World Health Organization (WHO) as one of its ‘essential’ medicines. Ivermectin’s potent anti-viral properties work powerfully against Covid-19 by blocking spike proteins, inhibiting SARS-CoV-2 replication, and reducing inflammation. Ivermectin also works against variants of the virus and is showing promise against long-covid.

Dr Lawrie, founder of Bath-based Evidence Based Medical Consultancy, which analyses medical data for governments and NGOs, including WHO themselves, is determined overcome these barriers. “Our report is built on rock solid evidence from internationally respected medical professionals, and it proves that ivermectin is a solution to the covid health emergency. It is ready and waiting to save and improve millions of lives. Governments can no longer ignore it. It is everyone’s right to have access to this safe and effective treatment.“

Joining together with many other concerned doctors and medical professionals earlier in the year, Dr Lawrie helped establish the not-for-profit BIRD Group (British Ivermectin Recommendation Development) to specifically research and assess ivermectin and alleviate suffering. It has a fast-growing supporter base of affiliates and thousands of individuals.

Dr Lawrie is a most unlikely campaigner. “All my life I have been a doctor, dedicated to improving people’s health above all else. In taking the Hippocratic oath I swore to protect patients and I find that, now, I also need to become a campaigner to ensure that the truth about ivermectin is heard and lives are saved. We should follow the science. The evidence is clear; ivermectin works”.

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Report Details

TITLE: “Ivermectin for prevention and treatment of COVID-19 infection: a systematic review, meta-analysis and trial sequential analysis to inform clinical guidelines”

AUTHORS: Andrew Bryant, MSc; Theresa A. Lawrie, MBBCh PhD; Therese Dowswell, PhD; Edmund J. Fordham, PhD; Scott Mitchell, MBChB MRCS; Sarah R. Hill, PhD; Tony C. Tham, MD FRCP.

JOURNAL: American Journal of Therapeutics

ABSTRACT: Background Re-purposed medicines may have a role against the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The antiparasitic ivermectin, with anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties, has now been tested in numerous clinical trials.

Areas of uncertainty We assessed the efficacy of ivermectin treatment in reducing mortality, in secondary outcomes, and in chemo-prophylaxis, among people with, or at high risk of, covid-19 infection.

About the Authors

Mr. Andrew Bryant

Population Health Sciences Institute, Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

Mr. Bryant (MSc) is a Biostatistician with experience in clinical trials and systematic review methodology based at Newcastle University, UK. He has published a vast number of systematic reviews and final study reports. His expertise in systematic reviews broadens the expertise in the Biostatistics Research Group in Population Health Sciences Institute at Newcastle University. He is also statistical editor for the Cochrane Gynaecological and Neurological Cancer Review Group. Alongside his latest Covid related research, he is completing his PhD doctorate on primary surgery for advanced ovarian cancer. He has an array of impressive academic metrics, including his peer-reviewed work being cited well in excess of 4000 times. He has complete equipoise and has never declared any conflicts of interest in any of his academic research.

Dr Tess Lawrie

Evidence-Based Medicine Consultancy Ltd

Tess is the Director of E-BMC Ltd, and EbMCsquared, a community interest research company. She is committed to improving the quality of healthcare through rigorous research. Her range of research expertise, based on research experience in both developing and developed countries, uniquely positions her to evaluate and design research for a variety of healthcare settings. Tess is a frequent member of technical teams responsible for developing international guidelines. Her peer-reviewed publications have received in excess of 3000 citations and her ResearchGate score is among the top 5% of ResearchGate members

Other Authors

Tony C. Tham MD FRCP

Ulster Hospital, Dundonald, Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK

Edmund J. Fordham PhD

Evidence-Medicine consultancy Ltd, Bath, UK

Sarah R. Hill PhD

Population Health Sciences Institute, Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

Tony C. Tham MD FRCP

Evidence-Medicine consultancy Ltd, Bath, UK

Scott Mitchell MBChB MRCS

Emergency Department, Princess Elizabeth Hospital, Guernsey, UK 

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