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Sovereign Natural Empowerment, and learning to stand in our own power, is arguably the most important thing we can do for ourselves and for humanity right now.  More and more we are seeing our rights eroded as spurious laws pass almost uncontested through our Parliament often without any consideration of public opinion let alone public consultation.

Taking back control of our lives is empowering and builds resilience and courage when hope can often be at a low ebb. Join Ruth to explore how to find your voice, articulate your rights and be heard.  Feel confident again knowing your inalienable rights can never be infringed upon and learn how to insist they are respected.

Sovereign Empowerment Tools

A dissenting voice may seem futile at times, but it is more important than we know as confirmed by the work on Mass Formation Psychosis by Prof. Mattias Desmet.

A dissenting voice helps peel up the corners of pervasive narratives.  Our voice is powerful, words are powerful. You can use your power calmly and quietly to great effect.

We are pleased to bring you two new SNE tools concerning mask mandates:  If you are challenged at a business or school for not wearing a face covering and you, or your son or daughter, don’t want to wear one, here are two notice letters you can print off and give to the perpetrator.  There’s a notice letter for a business, and a notice letter for a school. 

Type in the business or school address, then your name, and enter your contact details. If you don’t want to put in your own contact details, you can leave our address and email, and we will administer any response. 

Print off the notice letter, sign it, and hand to the perpetrator.  Once an individual is served with a “Notice to Principal is Notice to Agent” notice letter, it is deemed to have been served on everyone in the school or business.  You can let the individual know they have this duty to inform their colleagues when you hand them the letter.

We hope you will feel empowered to take these out and about with you and present to your son or daughter’s school in the event they are required to use masks again. Invoking your inalienable right to bodily autonomy starts here.  We are by your side. 

A Sovereign way to deal with mask mandates

Welcome to the SNE Course. Its has 3 main parts:

Part I - The Truth

Part II - The Deception

Part III - The Remedy

Watch the introduction video

Part I - The Truth

This will be delivered in 6 episodes. They are free to watch but please consider giving a donation afterwards.

1.1 The Hierarchy of Law – Watch

1.2 Inalienable Rights –Watch

1.3 The difference between Lawful and Legal – Watch

1.4 True Democracy – Watch

1.5 Our Written Constitution – Watch

1.6 True Common Law of the Land – Watch

Watch 1.1 - The Hierarchy of Law

Watch 1.2 - Inalienable Rights

Watch 1.3 The difference between Lawful and Legal

Watch 1.4 True Democracy

Watch 1.5 Our Written Constitution

Watch 1.6 True Common Law

Part II -The Deception

2.1 Introduction to the Deception, and the Birth Certificate Fraud – Watch

Watch 2.1 - Introduction to the Deception, and the Birth Certificate Fraud

Part III -The Remedy

Watch 3.1 - Dealing with police and getting arrested


Thank you to Ruth for her Sovereign Natural Empowerment course – I found it really interesting and informative, delivered at just the right pace unlike some of the larger talks I had been to which made my head spin! Also this course was delivered in bite-size manageable chunks via explanations and building blocks of knowledge which were easy to understand and the repetition was useful as it just kept circling and reminding and reinforcing. I learnt more from this course than I have from other sources and would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to understand the foundations of their Sovereignty.
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