Mike Fairclough : Rewilding Childhood

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14 August 2022 - Mike Fairclough

Mike talks about his book 'Rewilding Childhood' and shares the philosophy behind his unconventional approach to education.

Mike Fairclough is an author and the headteacher of West Rise Junior School in East Sussex, UK. Thanks to Mike’s emphasis on learning to manage risk and build resilience, this State primary school has risen to national fame. Children aged seven to 11 learn to shoot, forage, start and cook over an open fire, manage bees and care for other animals that roam the adjoining land.

In this uplifting conversation, Mike shares the philosophy behind his unconventional approach, why it’s so important, how his own upbringing inspired him as a teacher and parent, and how he and his wife have raised their own children. Mike has spoken out against the government’s advice to give children Covid-19 genetic vaccines, and he speaks frankly about how he first responded to the pandemic and how his stance quickly evolved. If you are a teacher, a parent or grandparent, or simply wish to nurture your own inner child, this conversation is not to be missed!

Mike’s new book Rewilding Childhood, is out now. You can also find Mike on Facebook, Instagram, Gettr (@Mike Fairclough) and YouTube.


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