David Charalambous – Understanding the mess we’re in – and finding a way out

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17 April 2022 - David Charalambous

Understanding the mess we're in - and finding a way out

David, Reaching People’s founder, has 25 years of experience consulting with multinational clients and individuals from all walks of life. Reaching People analyses the elements involved in reaching people, from cognitive dissonance to storytelling.

In this Tess Talks, I had a fascinating discussion with David about the role of behavioural sciences in the state of the world. I learned so much about the barriers that have been put in place to ensure people like me are not being heard about ivermectin and vaccine harms. David also shares practical tips about how to talk to family and friends about what’s going on in a way that overcomes resistance and opens up genuine dialogue (remember that?). If you’ve been struggling to reach people in the propaganda-fuelled world we currently live in, this conversation is for you.

You can find out more about Reaching People’s free (and life-changing) weekly Zoom calls and courses at reachingpeople.net

David Charalambous

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