Alan Dana : The plucky pilot who said ‘No’ to vaccinations

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2 October 2022 - Alan Dana

Were you forced to get vaccinated? Meet the plucky pilot who said ‘No’ and is taking on airline giants

Too many people have found themselves staring down the barrel of a vaccine mandate. Nurses, doctors, teachers, office workers, home workers, and also flight crew. It’s a horrible, abusive situation to be in, so let’s celebrate those both willing and in a position to fight back and say no, on everyone’s behalf. One of these people is Alan Dana.

Alan is one of those authentic human beings with a strong moral compass and the nous to question authority. I mentioned Alan in a previous post: he is a highly experienced pilot who has always taken good care of his health. So when his employer Qantas insisted he and his colleagues take a novel injection because of Covid, this went against his core principle of bodily autonomy and being careful about what goes into his system. When he refused, Qantas fired him. Now, he and other flight crew are taking Qantas to court and frankly I cannot see how the company has a leg to stand on: it has both violated its own employment contract and also the basic rules of aviation safety.

In this conversation, Alan goes into detail about the increased risks of flying following vaccination, including the critical phases of flight where even having two pilots may not be enough. He relates the reports he’s receiving of pilots suffering health crises, including one who went blind mid-flight. And, he spoke about how staff shortages as a result of airline policy is causing chaos in the industry to the point where it’s almost as if these airlines are trying to self-destruct.

Alan calls himself a pessimist, because as a pilot you have to constantly assess risk – but he comes across as far from this. While he may be a pessimist by necessity in the cockpit, he’s an optimist to the core. We spoke a little more after the recording, and we both agreed that we have met wonderful people since throwing in our careers and fighting for the truth and higher good. Like me, he agrees that the way to approach this – whilst continuing to be thorns in the side of those that wish to deceive and manipulate us – is by being prepared for all eventualities, with good humour, courage and connection. In summary, by remembering who we are!

I hope you enjoy this wonderful conversation – and do please visit his website to find out more. Link below:

Aussie Freedom Flyers

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