Size of the problem and what we do

What we know: generic medicines are being ignored in favour of novel pharmaceutical products. Studies are not carried out independently and the results of studies may be influenced by the sponsor. Technologies may be deployed without independent safety evaluation. Company profits may be placed above public safety.


How we research and evidence –
our research strands:

Evidence synthesis​

Evidence synthesis

Public education and awareness raising​

Public education and awareness raising

Clinical trial protocols and supervision​

Clinical trial protocols and supervision

Guideline development ​

Guideline development

Teaching videos and promotional materia​

Teaching videos and promotional materia

Research support​

Research support

Strategic plans

Our strategic priorities are:

  • To inform our plans that deliver the vision and mission
  • Raise awareness of medicines that we target for research and evaluation
  • Build a team of systematic reviewers, statisticians, other researchers and business people.
  • Urgently investigate safety of imminent threats to public health
  • Initiate studies to evaluate generic medicines
  • Communicate all of the above to key stakeholders including health authorities and others
Strategic Plans Image
Business Plans Image

Business plans

  • Source £1m funding – via donations and grants.
  • KPI’s to be built with the funding: e.g. trials, published papers, studies, financial and management reporting.
  • Scale the business – recruit 6 researchers, set up business function to support the work and manage the funding efficiently and effectively by May 2021
  • Build growth plans to extend research and ensure sustainable business model through multiple funding streams. All managed through our not-for-profit Community Interest Company (CIC) EbMCsquared.
  • Expand office capacity for shared analysis work
  • Build international profile